What is GYROTONIC® exercise?

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a series of exercises that guide users to simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles while also articulating and mobilizing the joints. Corresponding breathing patterns are engaged thereby increasing coordination, endurance and aerobic capacity.  The system utilizes personal attention and a beautiful specially designed piece of equipment into a non-impact mindful practice.

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Who is GYROTONIC® Methodology For?

GYROTONIC® exercise greatly improves  and  complements any rehabilitation or specialized athletics program.  The exercises have shown improvement in the game of golfers, efficiency and injury prevention/rehabilitation in dancers, increased joint mobility in elderly clients, increased endurance in cyclists and overall length and strength in general populations. 

Who is Brittany Fridenstine-Keefe?

Brittany Fridenstine-Keefe is a professional dancer in New York City.  Through her dance training, she has been involved with GYROTONIC® for nearly 15 years.  Originally trained in GYROTONIC® methodology by master trainer Magali Messiac, Brittany earned her teaching credentials through master trainer Juergen Bamberger and Leda Franklin.  All of her mentors were original students of the creator Julio Horvath.  Brittany focuses on natural energetic connections and having fun through exercise



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Kinespirit Studio of NYC demonstrating GYROTONIC® exercise on the Rachel Ray show. 

Brittany previously taught at:

My Spiral Motion in Williamsburg, Brooklyn & Rockford, IL.

Kinespirit Studio in Manhattan.

Steps on Broadway, GYROKINESIS®.